Globalisation and Technology

Technology has always been an important catalyst for growth and globalisation. The world is growing smaller and technology is helping by bringing people closer together. Nowadays you can connect with someone across the planet in a matter of seconds free of charge. You can see different places without even travelling anywhere and you can find out in real time what is happening around the globe. YouTube, Facebook or Google changed the way we communicate and learn. The WWW has been one of the most revolutionizing inventions that shaped the world as we know it.

Technology is changing teh way we communicate, work, do business and connect with each other. It is important to understand and anticipate the opportunities that technology has to offer in order to better maximize them as a young social entrepreneur.

Siemens' Pictures of the Future magazine reports twice a year on major technology trends and looks at the latest research in the company's laboratories. The magazine includes scenarios of the future, features, reports on associated R&D activities at Siemens, and interviews with internationally-recognized experts.


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